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Contact Belt Freezer

ADVANCED CONTACT BELT TUNNEL FREEZER consists of cold rolled stainless steel band, aluminum air units (evaporators), insulated enclosure, control panel and supporting frames. Completely assembled and pre-wired in modular sections, for easy installation and for future expansion in freezing capacity.

The product is loaded manually or by spreader shaker onto the stainless steel band belt from one end, then the product travels into the tunnel sections, where the high velocity, -35 F air blasts horizontally across the top of product surface and under the belt. The horizontal air direction alternates from one section to the next so as to achieve even freezing. The frozen product then exits the tunnel sections, sliding off the belt smoothly without any marks. The product is frozen into the same form as it was when loaded in the inlet end.



Assures excellent product freezing quality and reduced shrinkage loss by continuously agitating the product during the crust freezing stage and the fluidization freezing stage. The positive and precise conveying of the product throughout its freezing cycle assures positive even freezing times.


One of the most economical freezer offered in this class. Every component of the freezer evaporator, conveyor belting, and high efficiency enclosure, is manufactured in our highly experienced engineering and manufacturing facility. We can afford to pass on the savings to you, our valuable customer, without sacrificing quality.