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Used for Washing, Sponging, Waxing, Drying and Grading of products like Orange, Lemon, Tomato, Kinnow, Amla.

Feeding Cum Sorting Conveyor
  • Used for feeding and sorting of fruit & vegetables
  • Rollers made up of PVC/Aluminum
  • Contact parts made up of stainless stell & other food grade material

Washing Sponging Waxing Section
  • Used for washing and cleaning of fruits & vegetables
  • A number of fine pressurized water jets wash the tumbling and rolling product
  • These products then pass through sponging rollers made of high absorbent sponge
  • After sponging, Liquid Edible Wax is sprayed on the fruits and vegetables
  • All contact part are made up of stainless steel / food grade material

Drying Section
  • Used for surface drying of products after application of wax
  • Temperature range 30o-50o c
  • Rollers made up of PVC or aluminum
  • Contact part are made of stainless steel and structure of mild steel

Size Grader
  • Grades the product on the basis of diameter
  • Product moves continuously on the belt in a single layer
  • It has a series of nylon rollers hanging on top of the belt & rotating on their own axis
  • Diameter of the nylon rollers differ from each other so as to create a gap between the moving belt and rotating rollers. resulting in grading of the product
  • Roller and contact parts are made from food grade material and structure of mild steel

Full Grading Line
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