1a) Peas Processing Line:-

RMIPL can provide complete vegetable/pea processing lines for the processing of green peas, vegetables -IQF for capacities between 1 and 6 tons/hr. Our experience includes solutions for all steps of the processing of podded raw material:
Suitable for separation of grains from the pods.
The apron conveyor belt is made out of food grade PVC quality.
The conveyor belt is endless.
The liners, guards, covers, hoppers, etc. are made out of S.S. 304
Reliability of vegetable processing machines, hygiene, precision and a long life.
Complete Sets of Pea Processing Production Line:

  • Receiving & Feeding Elevator
  • Depodding
  • Blanching to maintain taste, color and nutrients
  • Cooling
  • Freezing
  • Grading in different size
  • Weighing, Filling & Packaging