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Rippening Room

Ripening chamber for Banana / Mango , per DIN Standard


Different fruits need different temperatures to get optimum ripening, the rough thumb rule is that the temperature for ripening will be the lowest possible temperature the fruit can withstand without injury. Generally all fruit ripening temperatures fall between 14 deg cent. to 18 deg. cent.


A catalytic Ethylene generator capable of bringing ethylene levels to 400 ppm in closed rooms of 200 cu. meters is provided. This can be optionally controlled from the central microprocessor unit. For larger facilities we have developed a centralized system.


Every fruit respires and from time to time air changes are necessary as oxygen levels drop and co2 levels increase. In order to decrease co2 levels air changes are effected by a speci ally designed blower, which is used for ventilating

Methodology – I

Methodology – II

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